Tax tool

A simple tax tool calculator for my personal use

Gumroad - Website Builder

A website builder for Gumroad creators to create a website for them to showcase their products, posts, or just a cool website on web with whatever they want to show!, visit the github link for detailed info.


An attempt to revolutionise how business cards work! currently this project is paused though.


Hey, fellow developer! Ever feel overwhelmed by documentation while diving into new frameworks and libraries? Meet my new coding sidekick: chatdocsgpt! πŸš€ Create your custom chatbot πŸ€– trained on docs provided by you. Once trained you can talk to the chatbot and ask questions regarding the doc and get the help you need!


Just a fun project where you can use actual terminal and write code (kind of an IDE) πŸ’» in the browser itself. Write code in the editor and it will update automatically in the browser previewπŸ”₯.

AtSQLan SQL Editor

This is a frontend feature focused app for data users where they can use the provided functionalites such as write SQL code using multiple tabs (if needed), format it, view in fullscreen, etc to execute sql queries to view and even download required data easily. Even if it has >50k rows!!


Crafted a mobile-centric travel agency web app for seamless booking experiences. Check out the live preview for more details.

SV Real Estate

A project for a real estate dealer in Kuwait πŸ‡°πŸ‡Ό. This is a real estate listing manager kinda app where the dealer can post listings via the dashboard and users can explore the listings!


Smartly is a WebSocket-Based MQTT Client PWA which I made as the controller for my IoT project back in 2019 which was a home automation project.

IoT Home Automation

This is a IoT based home automation system I made for my home, just for fun 😁. Used ESP8266 microcontroller and powered by MQTT protocol. Visit GitHub link to view circuit diagram.

WhatsApp API

A hacky WhatsApp API made using puppeteer to develop and test a feature i.e OTP over WhatsApp without hitting external API to save cost while its being developed.

Wish Creating App

An app that creates preferred wishes by uploading a photo for the wish with your name and message. You can also send it to someone to wish them. ✨