Software Engineer II



Oct 2022-Feb 2024|a year

Building a product with ❤️ for the Humans of Data

  • Removed tech debt: Overhauled static Vue components, shifting to config-based dynamic generation for improved efficiency.
  • Implemented UTM tags framework: Empowered ElasticSearch calls with UTM tags for features like recent visitors, trending searches, and more.
  • Module owner & implementor of all connectors: Responsible for all data source connectors including Redash, Kafka, etc.
  • Owned the description editor module: Enhanced the module with MD support, TypeScript integration, and maintenance.

Fullstack Developer L3



May 2021-Aug 2022|a year

🚀 Startup's 2nd Software Engineer!

  • Developed, maintained, and enhanced browser-based IDE (Code editor).
  • Implemented Real-time Code Collaboration for the IDE.
  • Built mobile version of the IDE from scratch.
  • Implemented File Support with Drag-&-Drop functionality in the IDE
  • Improved code-saving efficiency by shifting logic to backend, doubling speed to ~1-2s with fewer failures.
  • Introduced an innovative Dynamic Discount System where discounts decrease by 1% per hour.
  • Developed Real-time IDE Sharing with email invitation and access control.
  • Designed the Learning Path Architecture and accompanying ui for management.
  • Developed the Projects feature utilising our IDE.

Fullstack Developer



Apr 2021-Jun 2021|2 months

Constructed a fully responsive mobile version of a travel agency's website using Angular, developed entirely from scratch.

Software Engineer

Universal Biz Group


Jan 2018-May 2021|3 years

Crafted tailored applications to precisely match client requirements, utilizing extensive technical expertise for optimal functionality and user satisfaction.


Branding Techies


Sep 2017-Feb 2018|5 months

Co-founded a multifaceted digital agency, providing diverse services encompassing web design/development, marketing strategies, graphic design solutions, corporate branding, and beyond.