Afnan Shaikh

Software Engineer

👋 Hi there! I'm a Mumbai-based Software Engineer with 9+ years of hands-on coding experience, including 7+ years in the industry. I started coding at 13 and am passionate about crafting modern, scalable web apps.

💻 Expertise in JavaScript ES2021+, TypeScript, React/Vue, Next.js/Nuxt.js, Node.js, MongoDB, Postgres, GraphQL, Rails, AWS, and more. Skilled in designing exceptional UIs for superior user experiences.

🧠 Problem solver at heart, dedicated to delivering innovative solutions. When not coding, I'm exploring tech trends or pushing boundaries.

🔍 Let's connect and discuss bringing your ideas to life!

Currently exploring new opportunities.

My current tech stack





* These are just some of the tools I'm using right now; I know a lot (i guess lol) about many others too.